History of our Church – Extended Volume

We are indebted to Louise (Mrs. August) Bottcher and Matt (Mathias H.) Welles, who, with assistance from Annah (Mrs. Judson) Manning and Raymond B. Stevens, compiled and published “History of the First Presbyterian Church of Big Flats, NY – 1827 to 1960”. Few copies of this volume are available today, so we are also grateful to Lydia Middaugh for loaning her copy for scanning purposes. Please enjoy this compilation, and please help us to extend our history for the enjoyment of our children’s children.

Download and Read the Document Here

Notes on the reproduction:
In order to make this a “searchable” document, the original document was scanned and run through an “optical character recognition” (OCR) program. It should be noted that the OCR process is inexact and there may be errors (such as the name, “Welles”, being misinterpreted as “V/elles”). These errors were corrected whenever it was obvious that they were caused by the scanning process, but other errors were left in place if they were deemed to be made by the original authors. Certain spellings and grammatical constructs are indicative of their times, so in the interest of a faithful reproduction, the automated spelling and grammar checkers were checked at the door.