Stewardship Committee

Members: At least one member from Session to act as a liaison; Chair of the committee; Vice-chair (to be appointed by the Chair); and representatives of the Congregation.

Purpose: To provide members with the opportunity to contribute financially, as well as by giving time and talent, so that the goals of the congregation may be realized.

This committee plays a crucial role in the life of the congregation, and should function throughout the year. The Stewardship Committee in the local church exists to educate the congregation in the Biblical principles of whole life stewardship. Therefore the committee should be made up of those who are not primarily responsible for the financial management of the budget but those who are passionate about growing people and extending mission. The task of stewardship is the formation of the people of God into people who reflect God’s generous character. This is a grace filled and grace fueled task that gives adequate room for the tension between grace and discipline in Christian formation.

1. Communicate whole life stewardship, that stewardship is everything we do with our lives in response to the Good News.
2. Present opportunities for the application of Christian stewardship in the use of time, talent and treasure.
3. Conduct the annual stewardship campaign.
4. Develop stewardship materials for the current year.
5. Set stewardship goals for the current year in collaboration with the Finance Committee.
6. Communicate effectively with the congregation regarding the goals for the coming year and the resources needed to attain those goals.
7. Recruit, train, and manage a canvassing team if deemed necessary.
8. Plan and conduct stewardship gatherings including the annual dinner, and post-stewardship celebrations.
9. Develop a procedure for canvassing new members throughout the year.

Meetings: As called by the chairperson.

Accountability: The committee is accountable to Session.