Property Committee

Members: At least one member from Session to act as a liaison; Chair of the committee; Vice-chair (to be appointed by the Chair); and representatives of the Congregation.

Purpose: To be responsible for the management of the Church facilities


1. Establish maintenance requirements for the buildings and grounds and implement these requirements with funds budgeted by Session.

2. Hire and supervise sexton. Negotiate compensation package.

3. Establish policy on building use and implement with approval of Session.

4. Review and approve/disapprove all proposals to modify buildings and grounds.

5. Implement security required to protect building and contents.

6. Review insurance coverage on yearly basis and maintain proper coverage for protection of premises, contents, and officers.

7. Review premises on yearly basis for safety issues and implement improvements where needed.

8. Provide calendar for building events and prioritize where necessary per Building Use Policy.

9. Purchase necessary paper supplies for bathrooms and cleaning supplies for sexton (Committee Chairperson or his/her designee).

Meetings: Generally, the third Wednesday of each month or as called by the chairperson.

Accountability: The committee is accountable to Session.