Finance Committee

Members: At least one member from Session to act as a liaison; Chair of the committee; Vice-chair (to be appointed by the Chair); and representatives of the Congregation. Purpose: To assure, to the best of its ability, a sound financial program for the church.


1. Prepare an annual budget for approval by the Session. Submit the approved budget at the annual meeting of the Congregation.

2. Monitor spending; use budget to identify potential over-runs.

3. Report monthly to the Session and to the Congregation.

4. Approve bills and invoices as requested by the treasurer.

5. Assure that the books of the church treasurer and all organization treasurers are audited by an independent source, as soon as possible, after the end of the calendar year.

6. Receive and review requests from session committees and church organizations for projects requiring expenditures not allocated in the annual budget. Make recommendations to the Session for possible funding through alternate sources (i.e. Reserve Fund, Memorial Fund, Congregation Fund Raising, Organization Fund Raising, etc.).

7. Provide the required annual goal or target amount for Stewardship to Session for approval. The amount should be based on balancing the operating budget for the upcoming year.

Meetings: As called by the chairperson.

Accountability: The committee is accountable to Session.