Christian Education Committee

Members: At least one member from Session to act as a liaison; Sunday School Teachers; Chair of the committee; Vice-chair (to be appointed by the Chair); and representatives of the Congregation.

Purpose: To provide Christian education to the children of the Church.


1. Make recommendations as to the addition of individuals to the Committee.

2. Direct and evaluate the Christian Education program.

3. Provide a Sunday School program for pre- and school age children. In addition, the Committee may offer programs relating to community issues, as well as social concerns.

4. Oversee appointment of teachers.

5. Evaluate on an annual basis whether a Vacation Bible School (VBS) shall be offered. If approved, implement VBS.

6. Evaluate the Sunday School curriculum.

7. Submit a proposed annual budget to the Session.

8. Prepare an annual report to be included in the Annual Report to the Congregation.

9. Oversee the staffing of the nursery.

10. Obtain/maintain “Policy of Sexual Conduct/Misconduct” forms from all Sunday School teachers and nursery staff.

Meetings: 3 – 4 per year as needed

Chairperson: coverage of all Sunday School classes; order curriculum and forward billing to treasurer; choose VBS curriculum.

Committee Members (teachers): Cover classroom on their designated month; determine supplies required; purchase or request supplies from chairperson.

Accountability: The committee is accountable to Session.