Pastors Message – September, 2016

Rev. Beth Frigard

Rev. Beth Frigard


Following multiple levels of directives from our Presbytery Commission on Ministry, your Session members are pleased to present Reverend Beth Frigard as Interim Minister of First Presbyterian Church of Big Flats. Rev Frigard was born and raised in Elmira, New York, which is also home to her mother and sister. In May 2010 she earned a Master of Divinity with honors. In July 2011, she passed her Ordination Examination and Ecclesiastical Council at Rincon UCC, in Tucson, Arizona.

It has been said that “Reverend Frigard has a quiet presence, but is well spoken. She has the gift of poetry which she uses in her ministry and preaching with eloquence.” In Reverend Frigards’ words: “We are called to speak the truth in love. Our primary goal is, in all circumstances, to build up the body of Christ. Relationships between calling bodies and persons seeking ministerial positions require honesty, integrity, and truthfulness for the health of the Church.”

Reverend Frigard has served in many ministerial capacities over the last 10 years. Her calling is in the spirit of our Lord’s words. Reverend Frigard also states: “There is a living God in our lives, guiding us to healing and wholeness for ourselves and for the world. I believe that a loving God as revealed to us through the life of Jesus is the thread, the truth we must follow, but there are so many changes in each of our lives and in our world, and so many distractions, that remembering who we are and what we are may become a challenge. For this we need each other. Jesus’ knowledge of the value of community is reflected in His words, ‘Where two or more are gathered.’ This is the church in our community and the Church of the wider world.”

Please join us to celebrate Reverend Frigard’s first Sunday of service as our Interim Pastor on September 11, at 10:30 AM. She is highly motivated and was the subject of considerable scrutiny by your Session throughout our process. We are very happy to welcome Reverend Frigard into our Church Family.